July 19, 2024

City officials urged the Baguio Character Council to comment on the proliferation of illegal gambling in the city.

In a resolution authored by Councilor Maria Mylen Victoria G. Yaranon, the legislators said the Baguio Character Council should comment about illegal gambling and what actions it can take to appropriately address the concern.

Earlier, the council passed Ordinance 39, s. 2023 or the Character City Ordinance of Baguio for the adoption of a character-based approach in governance where its citizens, community leaders, and government officials and employees are models or exemplars of good character.

The purpose of the Character City program is to instill positive values in all aspects of human endeavor for the establishment of a city or community of character where elected officials, community leaders, and citizens recognize the importance of good character that everyone works together to ensure that families are strong, homes and streets are safe, education is effective, business is productive, neighbors care about one another, and citizens are free to make wise choices for their lives and families.

The Baguio Character Council’s functions, among others, include the promotion of values towards attaining the vision and mission of the local government as a Character City.

The council added reports on the conduct of illegal gambling operations in the city have been widely circulating online, thus, the need for the cha-racter body to come up with a position on the matter to send a message to the people that the body values the practice of good character for the welfare of citizens.

Under Ordinance 39, s. 2023, the mayor is designated as chairperson and action officer of the Baguio City Character Council. – PIO release