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Expanding the central business district, Baguio’ saving grace?
by Rimaliza Opiña

Historical accounts did not tell when exactly business began to thrive in Baguio. 
English proficiency make BPO industry in Baguio vibrant
by Harley Palangchao

Researchers and international journalists covering the hinterlands of the Cordilleras know it is easy to get information even from old folks because many Cordillerans, unlike in other parts of the country, speak their English well. 
Plantwalls, greenroofs, and plantwires: How urban cultivation can save Baguio tourism and the rest of the world
by Frank Cimatu

I was having coffee with a Filipino urban planning student vacationing from Canada at a restaurant near Burnham Park. 
Developing sports tourism in Baguio
by Nana Aoyong

For someone who writes mostly about travel, food, and sports I felt that it would be hard to finish an article about good business opportunities, let alone start one. 
Business and Management Programs: Still the most popular choice among college students
by Reynaldo Bautista

The number of college students enrolled in Business Administration and related courses, according to the statistics of the Commission on Higher Education for school year 2009–2010 is highest… 
Advancing the welfare of the ‘Hope of the fatherland’
by Jane Cadalig

Baguio City’s status as an educational center allowed policy makers to focus not only on promoting its economic potentials but also on advancing the interests of one of the sectors it plays host to – the youth. 
The business of reducing disaster risks
by Hanna Lacsamana

There are five ways to invest in disaster risk reduction mechanism: Identifying and assessing the risk, reducing possible vulnerabilities, preparing for effective response mechanism, knowledge management (how to manage the risk), and good governance. 
The ‘business’ careers of Baguio’s private tutors
by Morr Pungayan

Our title is simply, but best–defined as: "the employment, trade, occupation, calling, or profession of those who do Private Tutoring in Baguio City – whether they are residents or non–residents permanent." 
Destination 101: Baguio City
by Farland Valera

Space, mobility, and global citizenship are the triumvirate that epitomizes the character of Baguio City today. More than a hub for ecotourism and the vortex of cultural exchange in the northern… 
Investing in educaton in Benguet’s most unlikely places
by Jimmy Laking

What have Barangay Kayapa in Bakun and Barangay Ansagan in Tuba, (both in Benguet) in common? 
Road to progress
by Liza Agoot

Good roads are essential for the development of a place. The Roman government has realized this years ago. Wherever they established themselves, they tried to improve the roads. 
The rise of Korean investments in Baguio: Boon or Bane?
by Ana Corpuz

Baguio is home to many people – Filipinos and foreigners alike. Among the foreigners who currently dwell in the city are (South) Koreans. You can see them walking along the streets, shopping, watching movies, dining, or… 
For a greener pasture
by Lorna Tumilang

Aye, palalo nas biyag mo, bagsak di nateng et adi pay nasubbot di bayad di nai-bomba. 
Baguio: Why do I love thee?
by Miguel Ricardo Rilloraza Leung, Charlene Krystiabelle Siloy and Liam Willer P. Teem

Nestled in the mountains of the Cordillera, shrouded by cool, fine mist, and enveloped in a mystique and grandeur uniquely its own, is a city of towering pines growing alongside 
Baguio 102 Cartoon
Jogin Tamayo



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