October 2, 2023

American author Frank Zane said, “Being weak is a choice; so is being strong.”
In the society we live in, the weak are the most vulnerable, succumbing to the painful reality of injustice and robbed rights. As a matter of fact, that is part of human nature. It is evident in societies anywhere in the world. However, it is also a fact that the weak can change and learn to be strong in many ways by embracing their weaknesses and using them to become strong.
There will always be competition and comparison between people; young and old, educated and uneducated, financially stable and unemployed, especially people with psychiatric disabilities. People with disabilities tend to be more vulnerable in the community. They become easily manipulated, misunderstood, and judged. So shouldn’t they be the ones we protect and understand? Many people fight for different things they love and want to protect. So why can’t these people be allowed to live normally in our society? We are taught to always protect the weak. But how can we say we are doing so if even in the smallest act we ignore it, we tend to run, and simply just give the easiest help we can when someone’s looking?
Even government officials are trying their best to let these people live normally in our community. And as a civilian, being part of this community requires us to live in unity and harmony. Let’s all try to understand and be open with each other. Never take advantage of the weak; a strong person does not need to show how high he can get to those around him. To be strong doesn’t mean you need to be strong physically and financially, or even to blow your own trumpet. It isn’t just being able to hit and overpower someone. Be a strong person who knows how to care for and protect his fellow men.
Being weak is not necessarily bad. Weakness is a proof that, as a human, you also make mistakes and tend to have your downs in life. You just need to look for someone on whom you can lean.
Empower yourself; embrace your shortcomings, weaknesses, and disabilities as they are part of you as a whole. Everyone has the freedom to choose who they want to be and to be what others want them to be. Be the person you want to be, not what others think you should be. Choose to be strong. Think in the most positive and good way possible. Learn to lean on someone who is capable of accepting you and your weaknesses, who will support and care for you on your rainy days. Cry when your heart is hurt, talk when your head and body are tired, and most importantly, love and care for yourself. Be someone who not only knows how to become one’s umbrella in the rain but also knows how to love and embrace himself; a strong person who fights not only for himself but also for other’s benefit. Experience being the weak one and you’ll understand what it feels like to be the stronger one. — LYNDEN P. CALIAG