March 24, 2023

The City Health Services Office has completed a larval entomological survey in one barangay in the city to determine the level of infestation of dengue fever virus-carrying mosquitoes in an area as one of the preventive measures against the dreaded disease.

The larval surveillance done in one purok in Honeymoon showed the presence of dengue-carrying mosquito species aedes albopictus and aedes aegypti signaling an impending outbreak of cases.

Due to said findings, the Sanitation Division under Engr. Charles Carame and City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit under Dr. Donnabel Panes intensified the campaign to mobilize residents to conduct massive and simultaneous search and destroy operations to weed out mosquito breeding sites and other interventions to stop the reproduction of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

The larval surveillance is done in barangays that do not have clustering of cases but are at risk of an outbreak due to risk factors.

Honeymoon is not among the hotspot barangays in the city but is one of the 20 barangays with most number of cases in the past five years. 

Other at-risk barangays will be targeted for larval surveillance activities in the coming days.

The barangays with case clustering in the past two weeks are City Camp Proper, Burnham-Legarda, Asin, Balsigan, Country Club, Bakakeng Norte, Pinsao Pilot, Loakan Proper, Camp 7, San Luis Village, Kias, Irisan, Bakakeng Central, and Loakan Proper.

The top 20 barangays with most number of cases in the last five years are Irisan, Camp 7, Loakan Proper, Asin Road, Bakakeng Central, Kias, San Luis Village, Gabriela Silang, Bakakeng Norte, Pinsao Proper, Camp 8, Poliwes, Sto. Tomas Proper, Liwanag-Loakan, Honeymoon  (Honeymoon-Holyghost), Aurora Hill Proper (Malvar-Sgt. Floresca), Country Club Village, Fairview Village, BGH Compound, and Pinget. – Aileen P. Refuerzo