July 25, 2024

Workers from the susceptible sectors submitted themselves to Covid-19 testing offered for free under the Aggressive Community Testing (ACT) program of the city government and the Bases Conversion Development Authority-John Hay Management Corporation.

The activity held April 15 to 17 at the Melvin Jones grandstand targeted 3,000 persons or 1,000 per day on first come, first served basis.

A total of 913 persons availed of the swab test last April 15.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong, an advocate of expanded or targeted testing, said aggressive testing should be sustained along with other infection control and case management systems established in the city like contact tracing, quarantine and isolation, treatment, and prevention to prevent the city’s Covid-19 situation from getting out of hand.  

“Although testing will cause the number of our cases to balloon, we will be able to determine where the infections are coming from and know the situation on the ground.  

“Because we know our true situation, we will also know how to address the situation, manage the cases and prevent more transmissions,” he said.

City Health Services Officer Rowena Galpo said they project a 10 percent positivity rate during the activity or around 300 new cases which can further increase after contact tracing.

She said the city is preparing for these additional cases by increasing the bed capacity of the city’s isolation facilities.  

The city is also working out means to help public and private hospitals expand their capacities.

The ACT is the latest of the several rounds conducted in the city through the help of the BCDA-JHMC.

This time, the targeted sectors include construction workers, call center agents, food handlers, grocery store workers, bank employees, security guards, uniformed personnel, employees of regional line agencies and city employees of regional line agencies and city government employees.  – Aileen P. Refuerzo