July 16, 2024

LEARNING KOREAN LANGUAGE — Personnel of the Baguio City Police Office continue to learn foreign languages such as the basic Korean language courtesy of Caolge Methodist Church pastor Tae Sung Chung. — BCPO photo

To better serve the growing Korean community in the city, police in Baguio have undergone basic Korean language training.

Through the assistance of Caolge Methodist Church, 19 police officers from various police stations and units have initially engaged in a 10-day intensive training with Pastor Tae Sung Chung. 

The training started on May 8 and is expected to conclude in mid-July. The program includes weekly two-hour lectures designed to teach participants the basics of the Korean language and immerse them in Korean culture.

The program seeks to enhance the skills of the participants in communication, particularly with Korean visitors and residents, as Baguio is known to be a prime tourist destination and an education hub for locals and fo-reigners.

City Police Director, Col. Francisco Bulwayan, Jr. emphasized the importance of the training in enhancing the delivery of services to Korean visitors and residents.

“Our goal is to minimize cultural and language barriers, ensuring that our Korean clients feel valued and understood,” he said.

Beyond facilitating communication, the initiative is expected to have far-reaching impacts on various policing functions, including investigation.

By equipping officers with language skills tailored to the needs of the community, the police force anticipates improved efficiency and effectiveness in their duties.

As Baguio continues to thrive as a multicultural hub, the Baguio City Police Office is committed to embrace diversity and promote a more inclusive environment making residents and tourist safe and comfortable. – Press release