July 21, 2024

The local government clarified there was no misuse in the P25 million that was downloaded to the city by the Department of Public Works and Highways for the construction of a multipurpose building at the Baguio Athletic Bowl and that there are no missing funds.

City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña said the construction of the multipurpose building under the menu of the DPWH and the put up of the Baguio youth convergence center and indoor sports complex are actually the same.

He added the source of the P391M for the project is the DPWH in the amount of P50M and the city government amounting to more or less P341M.

He said the P50M fund from the DPWH is covered by a memorandum of agreement between the agency and the city government where P25M was already downloaded to the city pursuant to the agreement.

He said the scope of work of the fund from the agency include the construction of the foundation, the posts, and the slab up to the second floor while the funds from the local government will cover the remaining works to complete the structure.

Dela Peña said what is being questioned by the Commission on Audit is the P25M from the DPWH that was used to pay the accomplishment of the contractor who committed to complete the programmed works this month.

He said what is being required from the city is a joint certification signed by authorized individuals from the city and the DPWH stating the construction of the multipurpose building and the put up of the Baguio youth convergence center and indoor sports complex are the same.

He said on the part of the city, the certification was signed but on the part of the DPWH, it was not signed because concerned officials are allegedly not authorized to do so.

Dela Peña said concerned city officials signed the certification which was submitted to the COA for information, guidance, and reference.

He expressed hope the COA will consider the certification considering no funds are missing and there was no misuse of the funds that were downloaded to the city government.

The city government will provide the balance of the funds for the construction of the said center through a multi-year appropriation until it is completed. – PIO release