February 1, 2023

City officials are satisfied with the performance of the drainage system recently installed at Burnham Park.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong and City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña, who inspected the pipes at the height of the monsoon rains last July 28, said they observed a fast rate of water flow at only 30 percent capacity.
“With the new technology using 1.8-meter diameter structural drainage pipes, we have a long projection for more capacity. There was no flooding at the central business district and no overflowing of Burnham Lake after days of strong rains so our new drainage system is working properly. Take note that only phase 1 and 2 had been done. Phase 3 to cover Kisad Road will be implemented soon,” Dela Peña said.
They commended the project contractor and the Department of Public Works and Highways Baguio City District Engineering Office for using the new technology that ensures longer functionality.
They commended the maintenance teams from the DPWH-Cordillera under Director Khadaffy Tanggol, Baguio City District Engineering Office under District Engineer Rene Zarate, and the City Engineering Office under Engr. Edgar Victorio Olpindo for monitoring and acting with dispatch in de-clogging the water inlets amid the rains.
“You are doing good. There were isolated flooding at Kisad due to twigs and pine needles blocking the inlets and this was cleared in a matter of minutes by the roving teams,” the officials said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo