December 8, 2022

A sports council in Baguio will soon be created to oversee local athletes, coaches, and sports associations for a more organized conduct of sports events, according to the recently approved City Sports Code.

The sports council will serve as a recommending body of the city on matters concerning sports and recreation and will be tasked to address concerns on marketing, promotions, sports tourism, media, athletes with disability, sports medicine, sports infrastructure and facilities, and barangay sports, among others.

The city mayor will chair the sports council with the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation president as the co-chair.

The city administrator will be the action officer while the Sports and Recreation Division head will act as the secretary. Members will be from different city government offices, non-government associations, and sports associations.

With the sports code in place, the city will register all athletes, trainers, coaches, and sports associations with the sports council.

Only those registered will be allowed to represent the city in sports events and are eligible for incentives and other forms of assistance from the city.

The sports council may assist sports associations in their accreditation to their respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) through an endorsement.

In accrediting athletes, the sports council will create a selection committee to identify or select athletes who will represent the city in regional and national sports competitions by conducting interviews, try-outs and training exercises, qualifying/elimination tournaments, and other necessary methodologies.

The selection of athletes will be based on performance, statistics/standing, development potential, potential to compete at the top level, experience, fitness, skills, attitude, mental toughness, personal characteristics, age, and feedback from their coaches.

Baguio-attached athletes or those who are members of any recognized sports club, organization, association, and discipline accredited by the city government may be allowed to represent the city and participate in national competitions.

The coach with the most number of winning athletes at the time of selection will be designated as the official coach for the duration of the competition and will receive incentives as provided for by the sports code.

The sports council will be tasked to draft the city sports development plan that aims to develop a mass-based, pro-poor sports and recreation activities fostering self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence among Baguio citizens.

The sports code, which was two years in the making, went through several processes with the first draft filed with the city council in November 2019.

After consultations with coaches, athletes, and enthusiasts at the Supreme Hotel in January 2020, a final draft was completed and approved on March 22. – Ofelia C. Empian