July 21, 2024

The city government is encouraging the owners of the 59 structures declared unsafe in Camp 7, Kennon Road to undertake voluntary demolition.

In a dialogue with the owners held May 18 at the City Multipurpose Hall, Atty. Charles Dumasi of the Anti-Squatting and Anti-Illegal Structure Committee (ASAISC) under the City Legal Office asked for voluntary demolition, particularly of the 20 structures found within the creek easement.

Fifty-nine structures built within public land from the vicinity of Lion’s Head to Camp 7 Barangay Hall were found to have encroached on the road right-of-way while 20 are simultaneously situated within creek easement.

All 59 structures were declared unsafe and unfit for occupancy by the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) considering structural stability since some of the structures are only anchored on the existing grouted riprap.

The ASAISC is prioritizing the voluntary demolition of the 20 structures that encroached on the creek easement for safety reasons.

“The structures are hanging and it is very dangerous especially during the rainy season. The creek walls where the structures were grouted were not meant to support structures,” Dumasi said.

The occupants asked for consideration, but Dumasi said a relocation site is not feasible due to lack of one.

Only livelihood assistance in the form of skills training may be provided by the City Social Welfare and Development Office.

Some of the occupants agreed to the maximum of 15 days grace period for them to remove their structures.

For the structures within the RROW, the same procedure will be implemented for the occupants to voluntarily demolish while awaiting the decision of the Department of Public Works and Highways which has jurisdiction over the area.

The CBAO Investigation and Demolition Division report stated most of the subject structures were made of wood, steel and GI sheets while others were built using reinforced concrete.

Owners have been using the structures for commercial purposes without business permits. The oldest stall was erected in 1972 and other stalls sprouted over the years. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan