May 30, 2023

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – In an effort to equip coaches in the psychological and physical conditioning of athletes, 108 sports trainors and Physical Education teachers attended the “Coaching the coach” training here.
“Coaching is 90 percent psychological and 10 percent physical,” said Jumel C. Miller from Don Honorio Ventura State University in Bacolor Pampanga, who lectured on developing the mindset of a champion.
Conditioning of athletes requires more of mental fitness while physical fitness could be the next necessity, Miller said.
“Studies have shown that athletes with conditioned mind perform better,” he said.
He said if an athlete is mentally conditioned, he gains greater confidence and plays more effectively.
 The training conducted from Jan. 14 to 16 was sponsored by the Kalinga State University under its Research Development, Extension and Training Program.
Program coordinator May Buslig said KSU seeks to provide more enhancement trainings to increase the awareness and capability of sports trainors. She said there are plans to organize an association of coaches from private and public schools.
KSU will next sponsor a dance trainor’s training. – Larry T. Lopez