March 27, 2023

A city councilor is proposing the collection of congestion fees from tourists.

Councilor Leandro B. Yangot, Jr. said his proposal is geared towards alleviating the worsening traffic problem in the city.

Under the proposed ordinance, congestion fee shall refer to the fees that will be collected by the local government from visiting motorists to the city.

Vehicle owners or drivers are proposed to be charged P50 upon entry to the city.

The ordinance tasked the City Treasury Office to monitor and formulate the guidelines necessary for the successful implementation of the proposed measure.

The ordinance admitted the road network that was designed in the 1900s were narrow considering that it was made primarily for a limited population.

According to the proposal, traffic is one of the major sources of headaches of the local government and concerned government agencies.

It said there is a need to regulate the entry of the cars of visitors, which could be done through the collection of a fee.

The ordinance stated the congestion fee collected will be used to help alleviate the traffic problem in the city. The ordinance mandated all fees collected shall be deposited in a trust fund that will be used for the implementation of programs, projects, and activities to lessen traffic congestions in the city. – PIO release