June 1, 2023

We all love attending events such as parades, concerts, festivals, or those that are interesting for us. For the past three years, we didn’t get to take part in any because of the pandemic.
A lot of people are excited now to attend to events again. An example of this would be the Panagbenga that many people are looking forward to witness. However, we need to be aware that events like this attract crowd. Overcrowding is no longer new to us, since most of us have already experienced this. This is the presence of many people in a certain place or area.
For this year’s Panagbenga, residents and tourists should be reminded about overcrowding.
Overcrowding increases the risk of accidents and injuries. If someone faints, rescuers will have a hard time going to that person because of unmanaged crowd. This may lead to bad experience for the audience.
Crowding causes discomfort for many, and may result in decreased satisfaction among attendees and will most likely affect chances of coming back in the future.
It will also affect the reputation of the event and the city being the host. The host must plan the event properly, implement crowd control measures like limiting the tickets and designating entry and exit points. It should be managed sot that everyone can enjoy the event.
The event must be monitored continuously to prevent issues caused by overcrowding. Organizers should assign enough staff members and allot enough resources for emergency services to ensure public safety.
Knowing the consequences of overcrowding raises everyone’s awareness. Reminding people about this would help ensure their safety.
If you have a vehicle with you, don’t park near the venue of the event so it won’t be hard for you to get out once the event is overcrowded. By doing this, you’re doing a big favor already because not only you make it easier for you, you’re also helping others to have a more spacious way for them to walk through.
We all want to comfortably watch an event, and we all want to make it memorable, so why not make it easier for everyone by being disciplined and responsible. Now, let’s all enjoy and witness the beauty of Panagbenga.