July 23, 2024

Cooperatives across the country joined the “Emerging Trends and Latest Updates for Cooperatives” midyear convention, organized by the Advanced Robust Cooperative System (ARCS), a leading online platform for cooperative data management and reporting.

The convention, held on June 22 and 23 at the Venus Parkview Hotel, Baguio City, saw the participation of 30 representatives from 14 cooperatives, painting a vibrant picture of the diverse cooperative sector in the country.

This year’s theme resonated in every corner of the venue as speakers unravelled the emerging trends and gave insightful updates concerning the cooperative landscape.

Kicking off the convention was Arden Beswayan, chief of the supervision and examination unit of the Cooperative Development Authority regional office, who walked the participants through the latest memorandum circulars issued by the cooperative regulator.

Atty. Kyth Pallogan and her team from the Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office 9 contributed by giving a rundown of tax obligations for cooperatives.

The convention took a compassionate turn with Myra Gahid, a clinical psychologist, giving a much-needed discourse on mental health wellness for employees, addressing an emerging trend in workplace well-being.

On a similar note, Kurt Lee Gayao from IOL Inc. emphasized the growing importance of customer experience in cooperatives.

Highlighting one of the more revolutionary trends, Kevin Philip Gayao, IOL Inc. Chief executive officer, presented an eye-opening talk about artificial intelligence or AI and its potential to be a game-changer for cooperatives in their operations.

Day two reinforced the theme with discussions on progressive tax strategies, leadership in the new normal, legal wellness for cooperatives, and the lucrative option of stock investing.

Gregorio Roxas and Chris Dao-anis shared their insights on optimizing tax conditions and adapting leadership styles to the new normal, respectively.

In the realm of legal wellness, Atty. Maria Luisa Reynate from IOL Inc. enlightened the participants on small claims procedures for cooperatives while Atty. Rowena Tabanda shed light on the potential of stock market investments for cooperatives, introducing them to new avenues for revenue growth.

A distinctive feature of the convention was the participants’ active engagement, enriching the discussions with their unique perspectives and insights. The interaction added depth and dimension to the theme, bringing the emerging trends and latest updates to life in a very real and relatable manner. – Press release