September 30, 2023

The city council has approved Ordinance 47, s. 2023 appropriating P27 million for the rehabilitation of the Mines View building at Mines View barangay, which has been included in the list of priority projects under the Third Supplemental Annual Investment Plan for 2023.
The body is hopeful with the budget and completion of the rehabilitation, the building would be used as an added modernized facility and livelihood center for residents engaged in selling local products to tourists visiting Mines View.
The body through Resolution 297, s. 2023 has requested the Local Finance Committee to submit to the city council a feasibility study on the use of the Mines View building after the completion of its rehabilitation to determine how the building is functioning as an income generating asset to support its maintenance and future developments and as a livelihood center considering feedbacks from stall occupants regarding its location, its design that needs improvements, and the upper floors which may need added attraction as they are hardly reached or seldom visited by customers.
The body has approved Ordinance 49, s. 2023 to charge P2.9M against the current appropriations of the City Treasury Office for the procurement of a vehicle to be used by the office.
In Resolution 299, s. 2023, the city council requested the Baguio City Fire Marshal to submit a fire management plan of Baguio to ensure the safety and security of residents as well as the protection of their properties and the environment.
The request is inspired by the expertise and experience of the BFP-Baguio in the field of fire prevention and management and its proactive capability in fire prevention and response strategies, preparedness, and management in protecting the lives and properties of its residents.
The resolution provides the plan must be regularly visited, appreciated, and upgraded because Baguio as a highly urbanized area is faced with risks and challenges in fire prevention and management due to its population density, numerous commercial establishments, residential areas, and unique topography.
Further, the city council through Resolution 323, s. 2023 has requested the Office of the National Chief Marshal of the BFP to provide a report on the cause and circumstances of the fire that hit Blocks 3 and 4 of the public market on March 11, which has caused significant damage to properties and endangered the lives of citizens.
The request is aligned with earlier Resolution 173, s. 2023, which supports the call for a fire incident’s full investigation to find out the origin and cause and to know whether it is a fortuitous event or otherwise.
The investigation was requested to determine the cause of the fire incident and must be made available to the public for transparency and allow concerned stakeholders to take necessary actions based on the findings.
The city council through Resolution 322, s. 2023 has confirmed the acceptance of donation to Kias barangay of a parcel of land from the Philippine Guarantee Corporation.
The subject lot has an area of more or less 20,000 square meters and located at Mt. Emerald within Proclamation 1875. As this was declared a high-risk area by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and not suitable for housing structures, the area was declared feasible as a cemetery for residents of Kias.
In 309, s. 2023, the body has authorized City Mayor Benjamin Magalong to negotiate for the settlement of the boundary dispute between Baguio and Tuba in response to Tuba Resolution 211, s. 2019 to settle the boundaries of both LGUs.
The resolution stated the previous officials of Tuba and Baguio agreed to carve out from the territory of the municipality in favor of Baguio City an area of 367,426 square meters while 367,429 square meters of the territory of Baguio City will be taken in favor of Tuba as evidenced by a tripartite reconnaissance survey on May 12 and 13, 2003.
The municipal resolution also stated once the agreement is perfected, the site where the Tuba Elementary School, Tuba Central National High School, and portion of the municipal building will be included in the territorial jurisdiction of Tuba while the Baguio City National High-Sto. Tomas Annex and the Sto. Tomas-Balacbac Central barangay hall will be included in the territorial jurisdiction of Baguio City.
In Resolution 310, s. 2023, Magalong was authorized to enter into a MOA with the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center for the implementation of the Medical Assistance City Aid Program for indigent patients in Baguio City for 2023.
The medical assistance as per Resolution 099, s. 2009 shall only be for indigent patients who are residents of Baguio City and confined at the charity ward of BGHMC. It covers drugs, medicines, medical services, professional fees, laboratory tests, ECG, x-ray, surgery, and/or other medical and laboratory procedures directly provided by BGHMC.
The councilor/official shall identify the indigent patient who may avail of the medical assistance through a letter addressed to the BGHMC and indicate the maximum amount the patient can avail of under the fund.
In Resolution 311, s. 2023, the city council has commended Nikko dela Cruz Liberato for ranking third with a rating of 82.70 percent and J.C. Heart Kitong Cariño for ranking fourth with a rating of 82.54 percent in the May 2023 Licensure Examination for Dentists. Both are graduates of the University of Baguio.
In resolutions 317 and 318, s. 2023, the city council has commended Nina Louise Luidua Agustin with a rating of 91 percent and Sofia Kristianne de Jesus Surat with a rating of 90.40 percent and being among the 10th placers in the elementary level of the March 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. Both are graduates of the Saint Louis University.
Their respective feats show and continue to uphold Baguio City’s title as the education capital of the north where it molds students into licensed professionals with flying colors.