July 16, 2024

The city council has approved Resolution 348, s. 2024 invoking the provisions of Executive Order 621, s. 1980, which amended EO 113, s. 1955 that allows the reduction of right-of-way for national roads from 30 meters to 15 meters in the City of Baguio.
EO 113, s. 1955 which establishes the minimum width of national roads at 20m. was amended by EO 621, s. 1980, which provides that national roads shall have a right of way of not less than 20m., provided, that such minimum width may be reduced at the discretion of the Minister of Public Highways to 15m. in highly urbanized areas and a right of way of at least 60m. shall be reserved for roads constructed through unpatented public land and at least 120m. reserved through naturally forested areas of aesthetic or scientific value.
The resolution states that before the issuance of EO 113, houses and commercial buildings of permanent constructions on both sides of its roads were already present in Baguio.
Now that Baguio is a highly-urbanized city, owners of these buildings are reluctant to sell portions of their lots to be able to meet the minimum width requirement, because they have no other lots to move to or for sentimental reasons. Thus, the passage of amendatory EO 621, s. 1980 aimed at minimizing social problems involved in the dislocation of residents in highly urbanized areas like Baguio.
The resolution also states the Department of Public Works and Highways have determined that a minimum width of 15m. for national roads passing through highly urbanized areas would be sufficient, provided, that the design of the road would be altered with closed drainage, curbs, and gutters which in many instances is more economical than expropriating high priced urban land and destroying buildings.
The resolution suggested that to be given due course on applications for titling within declared national roads within a highly urbanized city and hampered by the implementation of the 60m. width for roads constructed through unpatented public land, one remedy is to seek help and approval of the Secretary of the DPWH who has the power to classify roads and highways and to provide and authorize the conversion of roads and highways from one category to another.
The resolution cited as basis for conversion a June 23, 2023 memorandum issued by then DPWH Sec. Manuel Bonoan granting the request for clearance of a certain Elizabeth Bascara for the titling of their property located at Gibraltar Road, reducing the right-of-way to 15m.
The resolution further urged the DPWH-Cordillera and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the City Engineering Office, the City Assessor’s Office (Casso), and the City Planning, Development, and Sustainability Office to apply and implement the reduction of ROW.
Furthermore, the DPWH-Cordillera, DENR-Cordillera, CEO, Casso, and CPDSO were requested to inform or submit their action to the city council 30 days of receipt of the resolution.
The city council has approved Resolution 347, s. 2024 expressing support of the city go-vernment to the “Fiesta in America” on Aug. 17 and 18 at the American Dream Mall, New Jersey, U.S.A.
City government officials and key tourism stakeholders in the city were invited to participate in the event.
The resolution also enjoined investors in Baguio to attend as more than 10,000 affluent Filipinos from New Jersey, New York, and nearby states are expected to grace the occasion.
Two built-in markets will be onsite throughout the festivities with no entrance fee, all primed for direct sales and consumer engagement.
The Fiesta is said to be the biggest annual Filipino indoor cultural event on the U.S. East Coast engaging more than 220,000 Filipino-Americans and multicultural consumers since its founding in 1996. It offers a vast marketing opportunity and conducive platform covering a six-state geographic footprint of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, northeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
These marketing activities are designed to entice thousands of potential U.S. tourists and entrepreneurs to visit and do business in the Philippines soon and often.
The event will showcase the Philippines’ culture, trade, and tourism to more than 60,000 multicultural summer weekend visitors.
In Resolution 340, s. 2024, the city council allowed the holding of the “Baguio City Half Marathon: Sub 2 Challenge” by the Time Trial Events on Sept. 22 at Lake Drive, Burnham Park, subject to compliance with Ordinance 89, s. 2023 or the “Baguio City Fun Run and Other Races Ordinance.”
The fun run aims to be an annual sports activity for residents and visitors to celebrate Baguio Charter Day, catalyze community engagement and empowerment for promoting unity and camaraderie, self-challenge, and self-accomplishment within the city, and inspire participants to push their limits, embrace personal growth, and celebrate their achievements.
The city council also approved Resolution 365, s. 2024 the activities for the “2024 Sang-atan Bike Festival” in Baguio.
The activities include the Bilang Siklista on June 21, “Sang-atan Children’s Bicycle Competition”, and “Sang-at Silaw Tour of the Lights on July 6, “Sang-atan Bike Exposition” on July 12 to 14, “Shimano Hari ng Ahon Criterium” on July 13, “Shimano Festival Gravel Challenge” on July 14, and a charity ride on July 20 and 21.
Through Resolution 376, .s 2024, the city council requested the City Administrator’s Office to install lights at the Baguio Athletic Bowl to accommodate joggers from 6 to 8 p.m.