March 31, 2023

The city council called on the Philippine Military Academy anew to suspend its “No Decal, No Entry” camp policy at Camp Henry T. Allen and to similarly situated barangays within military reservations like Upper Market and St. Joseph Village.

The council also called for the creation of a grievance committee with PMA representatives in each of the barangays to resolve disputes that may arise between the residents and PMA concerning the military institution’s property rights and interests.

Residents of Camp Allen brought the matter to the former city council in January 2019 in which a request for the suspension of the “No Decal, No Entry” policy was made.

Col. Christopher Sab-it, commanding officer of military camps, wrote the city council in February 2019 and informed the body that all concerns of the residents “have been properly acted upon” and that an agreement favorably considering the request of the council was inked.

In a letter, Camp Allen Punong Barangay Maribel Estacion informed the council that the academy intends to restore its policy that only vehicles with decals shall be allowed to enter the camp.

The decals shall be issued only to active or retired members of the military and their authorized dependents, Armed Forces of the Philippines Civilian Human Resource Staff, Department of National Defense employees, and business tenants.

Two resolutions reiterating the former city council’s request were passed this year. The academy is yet to respond to the recent council resolutions.

The council earlier said that the implementation of the policy will put residents at a disadvantage especially the vulnerable ones such as senior citizens and pregnant women as it will be difficult for them to transport their needed basic goods to their residences inside the camp. – Jordan G. Habbiling