February 9, 2023

How do we define beauty?

In general, we define it as having clear or white toned skin and slim body.

Being a teenager in today’s society is hard. You compare yourself to others and say you’re not enough. The world is against you, and will crush and let you down.

Will you let that happen?

As I rest my head after a tiring long day, I close my eyes. Everything started to fall apart – my confidence, courage, self-esteem. Tears run down my cheeks and I hear voices in my mind saying I’m not enough. I get thoughts that ruin everything in me.

How can I get rid of this? I’m tired of trying everything to be called beautiful.

I started to change myself. I wore makeup, painted my nails, worn clothes that I never wore, started to do skin care, and styled my hair. I raised my voice and impersonated other pretty girls. But it was not enough. I tried and tried but it didn’t satisfy me.

It destroyed me more when I heard gossip about me and got bullied. I didn’t expect this would happen. I locked myself in my room and burst into tears.

I have always been scared of how society would react and say about me. I stopped talking to people and just stayed home. I was not catching up with my friends until I stopped talking to them. I felt safe in my own space, closed the door to avoid society. I guess this is how my life is now.

As the sunlight slipped through the blinds, I stood, looked in the mirror and said to myself, “I can’t stay like this forever.” From all of these struggles, I learned to pick up pieces of myself and wake up to the reality that I am enough.

I removed all the makeup, dressed like I used to, and let my hair down. As I closed my eyes, those voices suddenly stopped.

From then on I got praises from others. I realized this is my own beauty. I started talking with new people and it felt wonderful. I overcame insecurity. I am no longer defeated. I stepped out of my comfort zone and stood on my own feet. Finally, I achieved it.

I don’t have to change myself for them because this is how I am.

Insecurity is only a thought and you can get rid of it. If I can, you can, too. Open your heart and let it begin to accept what’s in you, what you can do, and what you have. The right people for you are the ones who can accept the real you, won’t change you, and won’t judge you.

Still, people will have comments about you and some of it will hurt you. Just let it go. Insecurities may also come back, but don’t let it take over you.

Embrace all of your characteristics and passions. Don’t let insecurity stop you from trying new things.

I realized that loving myself is important because at the end of the day all I have is myself. I am the one who can help me.

We have our own kind of beauty. We’re here not to be perfect but to enjoy. We are a masterpiece done by a great artist, and that’s ourselves.