December 6, 2023

The City Veterinary and Agriculture Office on Oct. 26 visited the thriving apiary located at the Mines View Park, owned and managed by the Badihoy Honey Beekeepers Association, Inc. (BHBA).

Senior Agriculturist Marcelina Tabelin said the team witnessed firsthand not only the beekeepers’ mastery of nurturing bee colonies but also their dedication as “conscientious far-mers to safeguard one of Earth’s most vital insects.”

“This immersive experience not only revealed to us the intricate artistry of beekeeping but also its being a noble profession demanding immense dedication in terms of time, commitment, and financial resources. The team also learned about the challenges these guardians of bees face, grappling with the daunting trifecta of climate change, pollution and natural disasters, underscoring the urgent need for support,” the CVAO team shared.

Tabelin said the activity is part of the office’s program to prepare the group for accreditation by the Department of Agriculture to avail of assistance packages from the department.

She said some of the members of the association were among the 100 recipients of beekeeping starter kits distributed by the city government in 2021 as livelihood grant from the DA.

During the CVAO team’s visit, BHBA, Inc. member Ecequiell Gabatin shared a fascinating insight into the city’s honey production.

“He revealed that the golden hue of the honey, harvested du-ring the peak season spanning November to February, owes its unique color to the nectar gathered from the lush wild sunflowers that bloom during the chilly embrace of the ‘ber’ season,” the CVAO said.

“This distinctive characteristic sets Baguio’s honey apart from other varieties found in different corners of the globe. Recognizing the authenticity and health benefits associated with pure honey, the beekeeping industry emerges as a promising avenue for urban farmers, opening doors to a wealth of opportunities in harmony with nature.” – Aileen P. Refuerzo