July 21, 2024

A member of the city council has asked officials of telecommunication and Internet service provider PLDT, Inc. on how the latter intends to improve its landline services that became troublesome as a result of the firm’s upgrade to fiber optics.

Airing the sentiment of several PLDT subscribers, Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda asked how the company is addressing the glitches in its landline services.

She said calling and receiving calls through the landlines have become problematic when PLDT upgraded to fiber optics.

“We are having a difficulty making and receiving calls. Sometimes the line works, sometimes it doesn’t. Is anything being done to improve the landline system?” Tabanda said.

Tabanda said this concern is shared by several PLDT subscribers. “Mas maganda ang service when it was not upgraded to fiber optics,” she said.

PLDT Baguio Zone Head Edwin Villena said the voice connection is incurring delays due to the “traffic” caused by the migration from the copper-based telephone lines to fiber optics.

“We received similar complaints and we are working on it. There are delays because the workload in the ‘highway’ that used to (deliver the service) has increased. Nagkaroon ng konting traffic, but we are working on it,” Villena said.

Tabanda, however, said her household’s switch to fiber optics and that of the others having similar complaints was done several months ago.

Villena said they are hoping the glitches with the landline connections will improve soon, as he asked those who have concerns with their landline to follow up with PLDT’s customer services.

He added PLDT targets to migrate all its copper-based lines to fiber by the first quarter of 2022.

Villena was among the officials of service providers invited by the city council on Sept. 27 to update the body on their plans and projects to improve their services, especially at this time when there was a marked increase of individuals who are dependent on the Internet for work and online classes.

The other providers invited to the council’s session were Converge ICT Solutions and Globe Telecom.

The council has asked the service providers to submit reports on their accomplishments, ongoing, and future projects to help guide the body in crafting policies that could aid them in providing Baguio residents with better Internet services. – Jane B. Cadalig