July 19, 2024

Councilor Fred Bagbagen has proposed an ordinance that sought to require couriers or delivery riders in the city to allow online purchasers to open and examine items they ordered through electronic shopping before the items are released to them.
The proposed ordinance is aligned with the Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines enacted to protect the interests of the consumer, promote general welfare, and establish standards of conduct for business and industry.
Bagbagen said aside from affordability, convenience is the biggest perk of online shopping since individuals can shop from the comfort of their homes sans traffic, pollution, or pressure from salespersons.
However, he said this convenience comes with a few disadvantages such as defects in the delivered items.
Once approved, the ordinance shall penalize couriers operating in the city who are proven to have denied e-shoppers from opening, examining the items for defects, and identifying the parcels/packages.
Violators shall be fined P5,000 or shall have their business permits revoked, at the discretion of the court.
The ordinance was approved on first reading and referred to the Sanggunian’s committee on market, trade and commerce, and agriculture for review and recommendation. – Jordan G. Habbiling