December 5, 2023

The city council approved two ordinances authorizing supplemental budgets for the funding of priority projects identified in the 2023 Annual Investment Program of the city government.
In Ordinance 41, s. 2023, P5 million was appropriated for the tourist rest area site development at Kennon Road, subject to the signing of a memorandum of agreement between Mayor Benjamin Magalong and the Tourism Infrastructure Development Authority for confirmation by the city council.
An additional P2M was appropriated for the processing of titles of land in favor of the City of Baguio, from Lot 1 (sites of Melvin Jones, Burnham Lake, Orchidarium, Children’s Playground, part of skating rink and tennis court) and Lot 6 (site of the Pine Trees of the World) located at Burnham Park, subject to breakdown and receipt or proof of payment.
In Ordinance 42, s. 2023, P14.1M was appropriated for the purchase of waterproof, outdoor sound reinforcement system – P2M; rewiring of City Hall building – P9.2M; restoration and improvement of slope protection with sidewalk along Bengao Road, Bakakeng Central – P1.8M; construction of Persons with Disability Affairs Office – P745,600; restoration of collapsed pathway and riprap at Purok 7, Pinsao Pilot Project – P200,000; and rehabilitation of slope protection along Crystal Cave main road, Bakakeng Central – P120,000.
In Resolution 261, s. 2023 the city council declared May 7 as Health Workers Day in Baguio as a way to recognize the critical role of the city’s health workers in providing healthcare services to the public and in appreciation of all the hard work and passion to their profession and calling.
The pronouncement is pursuant to Republic Act 10069, which earlier declares May 7 of every year as “Health Workers’ Day,” a special working holiday in the country to recognize the important role and contributions of the health workers who provide vital health services to the people, promote their rights and welfare, and to enhance their sense of worth and dignity.
During the celebration, a fair will be conducted by the city’s coalition/alliance of healthcare workers at the People’s Park with booths for available services to the health workers and the public.
In Resolution 257, s. 2023 the city council urged all schools, universities, and other learning institutions in the city to strictly implement the banning of the entry, possession, sale, and use of vape products.
The resolution warns of the danger of tobacco use as a major cause of premature death in the country each year and is expected to cause more deaths yearly by 2030.
In addition, smoking has been studied as a leading cause of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and that the findings of multiple health institutions using vape as substitute after quitting cigarette smoking, does not improve a person’s health contrary to public opinion that vaping is harmless.
The resolution cites Department of Education Order 48, s, 2016 or the “Policy and Guidelines on Comprehensive Tobacco Control” in schools and offices for the enforcement of tobacco control policies.
Foremost is to educate and inform learners, teaching and non-teaching personnel and staff on the hazards of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke, adverse socio-economic and environmental consequences of tobacco production and consumption, and tobacco control policies and tactics of the tobacco industry.
Another is to facilitate enforcement of tobacco control policies in schools and offices such as absolute smoking ban, access restrictions, ban on sponsorships, including so-called corporate social responsibility of the tobacco industry, outdoor advertising ban, ban on promotional items for minors, and sampling restrictions, as well as protection against tobacco industry interference, and to ensure strict implementation of policies on the protection against tobacco industry interference in the DepEd.
The resolution states that vape products have become more accessible to the youth through online shopping, and the use of tobacco products, vapes, and other similar items among young learners are alarming due to its hazards to health.
It also cited reports from the Smoke-free Task Force that most of those accosted for violating the Smoke-Free Ordinance were elementary and secondary learners.
In separate resolutions, the city council commended Baguio residents for their achievements that brought honor and pride to their families and the city as well.
Iñigo Anton was commended in Resolution 251, s. 2023 for being the 2022 Automobile Association Philippines Driver of the Year during the 27th AAP Annual Motorsport Awards held at the World Trade Center last April 13.
In Resolution 259, s. 2023, Police Major Leonard Danasen of the University of Baguio and Police Corporal John Bryan Cong-o of the Cordillera Career Development College were commended for passing the 2022 Bar exams.
Danasen is a resident of San Vicente and currently the acting chief of City Administrative and Resource Management Unit of the Baguio City Police Office, while Cong-o is a resident of Camp 7 and assigned at the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15, Camp Dangwa, Benguet as an investigator.
Commended through Resolution 252, s. 2023 are student-athletes and their coaches for winning 2nd runner-up in the 2023 Little League Philippines Series National Finals under the Junior League, Baseball Division held in Ilagan City, Isabela from April 9 to 16.
The athletes are Carl Joshua Daluson, Edmar Emeterio, JV Harrows Aguilar, Jahnber Kidd Aguilar, Kyle Ezekiel Dalang, Audrian Sawate, Joekhaled Diamsay, Jhazel Matt Ferrer, Ron Aljade Yapit, Avielle Mendoza, Genesis Luna, Jarex Bugtong, Kurt Julian Espino, Fercie Bhal Cristobal Ngalluban, Gian Khen Lapeña, Larry Focasan, and Nathaniel Isaac Ortega
Their head coach is Rafael Lapeña, assistant coaches are Bernardino Danglay and Mark Basatan, while the coaching staff are Harris Dinamling, Randy Lapeña, Garwageo Angelito, and Clyde Alindeg.