September 30, 2023

The city council has approved Resolution 568, s. 2022 revising the implementing rules and regulations of Ordinance 47, s. 2021 or the “Baguio City Comprehensive Sports Code” for the advantage and benefits of the athletes and their coaches.
Among the pertinent provisions of the revised measure for a better, clearer, and efficient implementation is the inclusion in the list of recognized international sports competitions of multi-sports competitions such as international university games sanctioned by the International School Sports Federation, the Universiade, the Federation of International Universities, and the World Police and Fire Games.
Under the revised rules, athletes, trainers and coaches, officiating officers, and local sports associations are required to register yearly with the City Sports Promotion and Development Council or City Sports Council.
They shall be barred or prohibited from representing the City of Baguio or receiving cash incentives and other forms of assistance from the city government if they are not registered.
Fees for the use of city-owned and operated sports facilities in compliance with existing tax measures approved by the city government, which shall be collected through the City Treasury Office, may be waived upon approval by the City Sports Council provided it will be for the training of city athletes, including school or university athletes and their coaches.
A written request for the above purpose shall be addressed to the City Sports Council at least one month before the actual use of the facility that shall only be intended for training.
Under Section 58, the amount of cash incentive to be given by the city to athletes in National Sports Competitions would be based on the new or adjusted program.
For individual event, a winning athlete shall be given P20,000 for gold, P10,000 for silver, and P5,000 for bronze while the coach will also receive a separate but lesser amount equivalent to 50 percent of the incentive received by the individual athlete or coach, or P10,000, P5,000, and 2,500 respectively.
Under the group event, a winning team of 11 to 15 members shall receive P60,000 for gold, P45,000 for silver, and P30,000 for bronze and their respective coaches will receive P20,000 –gold, P15,000 – silver, and P10,000 – bronze.
For six to 10 members, they will receive P40,000 – gold, P30,000 – silver, and P20,000 – bronze while their respective coaches will receive P15,000, P10,000, and P7,000.
A team of five members and below will receive P20,000 – gold, P15,000 – silver, and P10,000 – bronze; and P10,000, P7,000, and P5,000 for the coaches, respectively.
In Section 63, cash incentives to individual events of international competitions, such as Summer and Winter Olympic Games is P500,000 for gold, P400,000 – silver, and P300,000 – bronze. Their coaches will receive P250,000, P200,000, and P150,000, respectively;
For Youth Olympic Games and Paralympic Games: the athlete will receive P400,000 – gold, P300,000 – silver, and P200,000 – bronze while the coach will receive P200,000 – gold, P150,000 – silver, and P100,000 – bronze;
For Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games: the athlete will receive P300,000 – gold, P200,000 – silver, and P100,000 – bronze. Coaches will receive a corresponding amount of P150,000, P100,000, and P50,000, respectively;
Asian Para Games and world-level competitions held at least every two years with at least 45 countries participating: athlete will receive P150,000 – gold, P100,000 – silver, and P75,000 –bronze while coach is P75,000, P50,000, and P30,000;
Asian Beach Games and Asian level competitions held at least every two years with at least 25 countries participating and qualifying competitions for world level games and Asian level competitions: athlete – P100,000, P75,000, and P50,000; coach – P50,000, P30,000, and P20,000;
Southeast Asian (SEA) Games: athlete will receive P60,000, P40,000, and P30,000; and coach is P30,000, P20,000, and P15,000.
Asean Para Games: athlete – P40,000, P30,000, and P20,000 and coaches will receive separate and lesser amount equivalent to 50 percent of the incentive received by their respective athletes or coachees.
For other international competitions with at least eight countries participating; qualifying competitions for world level games, Asian Games and seeding international competitions, World Indigenous Games, Agency International Games such as the police and fire games and international university games, the incentives are as follows:
For individual event, athlete will receive P30,000 – gold, P20,000 – silver, and P10,000 for bronze. Coach is P15,000, P10,000, and P5,000.
In addition, a lump sum benefit of P10,000 shall be given to the primary beneficiaries upon the death of a registered or accredited local athlete or coach, currently or formerly, to cover for funeral services.
The rules further allow financial assistance or aid ranging from P5,000 to P250,000 to athletes, coaches, and local sports associations and organizations participating in sports competitions recognized by the city government in the regional, national and international levels.
Meanwhile, the city council through a unanimous vote has approved the recommendations of the committee on public protection and safety, peace and order for the suspension of the implementation of Ordinance 49 s. 2019 or the Anti-distracted Walking Ordinance of the City of Baguio, which prohibits and regulates the use of mobile devices and items like newspapers, books, etc. while walking and crossing the streets or sidewalks in the city pending further action or review of the reasons cited by concerned citizen Peter Puzon of the Baguio Citizens’ Rights Advocacy Center/Citizen-Advocate Newsletter.
Puzon had earlier requested the city council to review and defer the implementation of the questioned measure on the ground that there was no public consultation, hearings, studies or discussions before its passage.
Baguio City Police Office Director Col. Francisco Bulwayan Jr., in his letter dated Oct. 19, has informed the committee the BCPO has no opposition to the deferment of the ordinance while the review is ongoing, provided their office is furnished a copy of the suspension for their guidance.
The body further approved the scheduling of public consultation be conducted for possible amendments to the ordinance.