December 6, 2023

City officials recently amended Section 10 of Tax Ordinance 2012-01 that prescribes the rules and regulations governing the operation of the slaughterhouse, livestock, and meat inspection service in the city and amended Section 34 and Section 35 of Tax Ordinance 2000-001.

Under Ordinance 85, s. 2023 which will take effect on Nov. 17, there will be levied fees and charges on the operation of the slaughterhouse, livestock, and  meat inspection service such as slaughter, coral, and inspection fee for cattle/carabao, which will be P10 per head; hog, P5 per head; and goat/sheep, P5 per head.

The ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection fees for cattle/carabao will be P3 per head; hog, P2 per head; and goat/sheep, P2 per head.

The arrival fee for cattle/carabao will be P3 per head; hog, P2 per head; and goat/sheep, P2 per head while the coral fee for cattle/carabao is P6 per head; hog, P4 per head; and goat/sheep, P4 per head and the slaughter fee for cattle/carabao will be P175 per head; hog, P85 per head; and goat/sheep, P85 per head.

The meat handler’s license fee is P100 per license; meat conveyance accreditation fee, P500 per vehicle; goat corral fee, P500 per square meter per month; and hog coral fee, P250 per square meter per month.

The ordinance stated that goat and hog coral fee livestock market shall be paid on a monthly basis and shall be paid on or before the last working day of the month.          

The permit, ante-mortem inspection, post-mortem inspection, arrival, coral, and slaughter fees shall be paid first before the carcass are brought out of the slaughterhouse.

The council stated there is a need to itemize or unbundle the current fees and charges being collected from the operation of the slaughterhouse to separate the amount for ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection fees.

Earlier, the local government received a letter from the National Meat Inspection Service-Cordillera reminding the passage of an amendatory ordinance separating the ante and most-mortem inspection fees pursuant to laws, rules, and regulations.

Pursuant to page 3 of Tax Ordinance 2012-01, the city government is collecting P100 and P200 slaughter/coral and inspection fees for cattle/carabao and swine, respectively.

The ordinance will take effect following its publication in a local paper of general circulation. – PIO release