October 2, 2023

The Baguio Stock Farm in Dontogan, where the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Breeding and Research Center (BABRC) is located, is being intruded anew by private land speculators.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong has ordered the Baguio City Police Office to secure the Baguio Stock Farm following reports that private individuals are conducting a survey over portions of the property, which was reserved for animal breeding purposes by virtue of Proclamation 603, s. 1940.
Magalong also directed the BCPO to ensure employees of the DA and those working to protect the area are spared from intimidation.
“Intrusion upon said reservation happened (in May) and in June, when a group of men led by one Mailed Molina, were claiming portions of the reservation for private purposes, based on a purported land claim by the heirs of Ikang Paus,” Magalong said in a statement.
“While these intrusions were happening, officials and employees of the DA reportedly received threats of harm. We cannot allow these.”
Magalong said the validity of the titles and claims by private individuals in the area is still being determined by the court as he tasked the City Legal Office to coordinate with the Office of the Solicitor General so that other avenues to protect the property may be done.
“There are no indications that portions of the reservation had been reclassified to allow private ownership. More importantly, these purported land claims have placed the Baguio Stock Farm under dangers of irreversible destruction. If I should err, let me do so with deference to the protection of the land for the benefit of the entire Baguio City constituency,” Magalong said.
BABRC Head Robert Domoguen said personnel from BCPO have been visiting the area and asked them to contact the police at once when a problem arises.
In earlier social media posts, Domoguen said the illegal move to divide and appropriate the BABRC land for private use continues to this day.
“It puts us all in very frustrating and stressful situations. Its success will benefit only a few individuals,” he said.
Domoguen thanked government officials and individuals who are initiating measures against illegal activities involving the lands under the coverage of Proclamation 603 s. 1940. – Jane B. Cadalig