June 2, 2023

Jesus appeared to the 11 apostles and said to them: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.” (Mark 16:15)
Director Estela Cariño is the first regional director of the Department of Education to visit Barangay Dalican, Bontoc and Belwang, Sadanga, both in Mountain Province. She just made history in the province and in the DepEd.
Mountain Province Schools Division Superintendent Sally Ullalim, on the other hand, brought her team to Dalican realizing the De ED-CAR’s program “Salaknib tan Namnama” for the pupils.
Dir. Cariño promised more assistance for Dalican High School and Elementary School. “Today is just the start of everything.More will come.”
She and the other guests were loaded with inspiration seeing the little boys beat the gong and the little girls dancing gracefully.
“Dancing is innate among the kids,”said Mr. Fagyan, one of the teachers of Dalican ES. The children freely took the gongs and beat them while the young girls braved the heat to dance.
We thank the selfless individuals and government officials who helped in connecting people to the rest of the communities through the construction of a road.
Dalican had been burdened by conflicts with neighboring barangays but due to a determined mindset, concerned parties were able to settle it peacefully. The community believes that conflict in the community is not a healthy social environment for students and pupils.
Having peace in the community is the best environment where a child can healthily and integrally grow. Peace is the highest form of human development and it connotes the presence of God in the community. Every responsible soul should cooperate, participate, collaborate.
Education without God is destruction. Quality education is always an education of the heart, spirit, and the mind. It also teaches holistically, values and virtues are taught naturally and priority.
Development without God is materialism and consumerism. When money and profit turn into a god, people will start to corrupt, cheat, live a dishonest life, step on their neighbor, and individualism will triumph. Eventually, misunderstanding, conflict, and chaos will surface and fear will overcome the community. We develop a community by educating people.
A good director is always with a good direction. She is a woman of clear directions. She set an inspiring example for all leaders, especially in the DepEd. “We reach out to the remotest schools and we let them feel that they are important and capable.” She is an animating leader whose witnessing becomes her strength and power to change lives and situations.
Head Teacher III Manuela Lomasoc and her faculty members were astounded with the DepEd’s presence and programs for Dalican. Her beauty radiated hope and more developments for Dalican ES.
PhilHealth-Mountain Province head Jose Safawil gave his message of support, underlining education as the most important tool to development.
PhilHealth partnered with DepEd for the school supplies and groceries for the beneficiaries.
Bontoc Mayor Jerome Tudlong, represented by Councilor Benedict Odsey III, has reiterated the needed discipline of children at home and in school. Discipline should not be stripped from temporal punishment to inculcate values.
Bontoc Schools Supervisor Nestor Morareng has acknowledged those who contributed in the event. He was the first to arrive from the DepEd to Dalican ES.
Punong Barangay Reynald Wakin beat the gongs and sang his original composition to welcome everyone. The peaceful presence of Bontoc Municipal Police and their services provided harmony during the event.
Being tasked for the prayers, I invited everyone to pray for the continuing settlement of conflict between barangays Pidlisan and Tetepan, in Sagada with Dalican. The children and the youth will learn better in a peaceful environment.
Gratitude goes to all those who participated in the promotion of peace.
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