January 31, 2023

Department of Agriculture Sec. William Dar said government information officers play a role in properly informing the public of government programs, projects, and activities, especially during the pandemic.
“As we continue to live in the realities and challenges today, I encourage you to continue promoting a positive public image of the government, not to sugarcoat, promote what is right and proper, the good over the bad, as we also provide enabling patterns for a harmonious relationship with the local media outlets and the public,” Dar told government information officers in the Cordillera during the third quarter meeting of the Strategic Communications cluster of the Regional Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict on Aug. 25.
Dar, who is also the Cabinet Officer for Regional Development and Security for the Cordillera, encouraged government information officers to maximize their learnings and experiences in the implementation of different programs and projects.
“Aside from disseminating the correct information, capture the lessons learned, good practices and innovations which we can share to others for their consumption and possible adoption as applicable in the respective programs and projects,” he added.
Dar recognized the relevant role of government information officers amid the Covid-19 pandemic and urged them to continue to play the role of an important partner in bringing truthful and relevant information in the region.
“Having the right information at the right path enables the stakeholders to make a sound decision,” he said. – PNA