November 29, 2023

I took a sip of tea while looking at how the sun rose gradually behind the water. The cool breeze embraced me while I was in deep thoughts. The view made me look back on the memories of my childhood.
I remember the times when I was stressed out by the numerous things like due dates and tons of work. My friends used to tell me that expectations, pressure, and failures bother them so much. We used to laugh about us being robots. But those hardships helped make me who I am today.
I am sure a lot of students also feel the same, which is why I am offering these points for them to ponder on.
Disappointments, pressures, and hardships are normal. At times, these make you think a few things like: “I cannot do it anymore”, “I am a failure”, and “I can’t make it”. When things get tough, remember that “We are pencils.”
As pencils, there are things we need to know when dealing with the realities of the world.
“You will be able to do many things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone’s hand.” This implies that we should acknowledge direction and lessons from others particularly our family, instructors, and God. We ought to be guided for us to walk the right path.
“You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you’ll need it to become a better pencil.” This means that we will experience problems but it will help us be better by learning through it whether it is a success or a failure. We should learn for us to improve.
“You can correct any mistakes you make.” This means we should never be afraid to try. Even if we fail, we can try again. All we need is to rise every time we fall. Never doubt yourself and never fear to fail.
“The most important part of you is what’s inside.” This implies that at the end of the day, what would truly bring us closer to victory is our demeanor. We should always be humble and grateful. With all the continuous blessings, we must continue to be humble. Despite the problems, we must remain optimistic.
“On each surface, you must leave your mark.” No matter what the condition is, you must proceed to write. This implies that we should go on with our life even if waves shake us. We should try our best to live a meaningful life.
I hope I was able to help you mold yourself to be better individuals and be motivated in your studies. Remember to pray and put your trust in Him for He has greater plans for you. Just strengthen your faith and things will get better. We are pencils in the hands of God.
You can do it. Just believe in yourself. Bring out your innate gifts. Remember that we are all pencils and behind very masterpiece lie the many failed attempts it took to create it. (MARY THERESE ANCHETA)