December 5, 2023

Dear Manang,
I never paid much attention to this Covid-19 because I couldn’t feel it. I work from home and have everything delivered. I have left my house only four times since the quarantine started and I have been mindful as far as my family is concerned. But news that my best friend in high school died this week after her older brother died the day before due to the new strain of the virus that causes the disease is alarming. I am anxious and scared now. I really wonder if we can be stubborn about the prolonged lockdown.
Kris of Jungletown, Baguio City

Dear Kris,
There are many who are still denying the reality of this virus. I met someone who refused to wear a facemask saying that the hoax is just a ploy by the powerful countries to neutralize the world for them to make more money. I guess, we can’t stop individuals to believe what they want to. Well, unless we keep busy and not pay much attention to the restraint on going out without the protocols, we will feel the pressure and the mental frustration about not being able to do what we want, much more having no work is real. But this is an individual philosophy and if we do not take it up as a personal challenge to improve the situation, it will never end. Being scared is better because you will be careful.
Stay safe,
Dear Manang,
I used to travel for many years. At this time of the year, I would find myself in an Asian country enjoying the view and visiting places to complete my personal map of the world. This is the second year that I am unable to do what I want. It is selfish, I know but it is so frustrating to stay in my garden and having virtual meet-ups with friends. Help.
Myles of Tublay, Benguet

Dear Myles,
Don’t we all have itchy feet? Indeed. This reality of having to stay home is awesome and it is truly overwhelming and lifestyle changing. Again, like Kris, this is up to the individual to cope with their situation in the best way possible. With technology at our fingertips, travel virtually, if you must. The more we rush the opening of the city and the country with the excuse of having jobs and opening businesses, the more vulnerable we become to the new strains of the virus that causes the Covid-19. Enjoy the view for now and reserve the physical experience for later. Actually, this gives you better choices for destinations. Stay in your bucket chair for now.
Click on it for now,