March 31, 2023

Deaths among immunized individuals with co-morbidities are not due to the Covid-19 vaccines injected on them, health experts said.
Medical researchers are conducting several gauges and measurements to determine if adverse effect events following immunization against the Covid-19, including death, are related to the vaccines.
The City Health Services Office monitors death among vaccinated individuals and reports these to the regional committee of the Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI), a group of experts studying if death is related to the vaccines.
City Epidemiologist Donnabel Panes said samples of swab tests and laboratories are sent to the AEFI committee to complete the study.
From Aug. 18 to 21, Baguio City recorded five deaths among vaccinated individuals. Laboratory samples were sent to the AEFI committee immediately.
“Based on the AEFI feedback, the two died due to pre-existing comorbidities and their deaths are not related to the vaccines. We are still waiting for the results of deliberation for the other three,” Panes said.
She said majority of deaths among vaccinated individuals is due to their comorbidities, which were no longer controlled when they were confined for medical complications.
CHSO data proved two months after the rollout of vaccination against the Covid-19, fatality rate among infected individuals decreased by 68 percent as of Aug. 26.
The CHSO reiterated the minimal deaths among vaccinated individuals were not caused by the vaccines injected on them.
In an earlier mini-study by the CHSO on reported deaths due to the Covid-19, it was uncovered 96 percent of those who passed away were unvaccinated.
In the AEFI research, the brands of vaccine used among those who died and their pre-existing health conditions are also being reviewed.
Findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the national AEFI and to the World Health Organization.
“We are doing this to contribute to science research, by forwarding factual reports on Covid-19 vaccination to the pool of experts under the AEFI committees,” Panes said. – Jessa Samidan