July 19, 2024

Demand for renewable energy sources is expected to reach new heights as smartification of life can also trigger environmental damage due to the energy requirements of its infrastructure, according to a report.

A Market Intelligence Digest cited its Trend Driver Surroundings highlighting that consumers’ environmental concerns will meet their convenience expectations, pushing businesses to develop systems that do not have a detrimental effect on their surroundings.

Its Trend Driver Technology predicted Internet of Things and smart devices taking off as 5G networks spread across markets and demographics.

“Smart tech will improve consumers’ lives in so many ways, which exceed optimization of time and automation of chores,” the online publication of the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau said.

The report underscored a new Chilean start-up, Justwe!, that has created an app to provide consumers and businesses with tools to optimize their sustainable efforts.

When installed on phones, it said the app intervenes in water and electricity facilities to automatically control stream, pressure, and overall water and electricity consumption, while also monitoring, establishing controls, and notifying consumers when something has gone wrong.

The Market Intelligence Digest said Justwe! also partnered with My2Drops, a smart system that cuts back water consumption in sprinkling.

It said these developments can help consumers manage and reduce their environmental footprint by connecting, tracking, and analyzing the output of their resources.

“This system proves that people are searching for partners that provide the necessary tools to adopt greener and more sustainable practices,” it added. – Press release