July 13, 2024

The City Schools Division of the Department of Education finalized its roadmap towards achieving smart learning communities by adopting and innovating strategies that worked well under the blended learning scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic.

DepEd-Baguio plans on institutionalizing virtual learning by incorporating innovative approaches to address challenges in basic education.

City Schools Division Superintendent Soraya Faculo said by 2026, all schools will be implementing a form of online learning to help strengthen smart learning communities.

Teachers should also have the right motivation and competency with the right technology.

At least P11.3 million will be needed to implement the program with the end goal of virtual learning as a normal way of teaching in the third year given that all learner’s homes have Internet connectivity.

DepEd Chief Supervisor on Curriculum Implementation Juliet Sannad said virtual learning is not an option anymore but a need.

“Virtual learning does not mean no more face-to-face, there will still be face-to-face but on schedule following the blended learning model,” Sannad said.

DepEd Regional Director Estela Carino supports the program, saying this will solve one of the problems in Baguio on inadequate classrooms and lack of buildable spaces for more classrooms.

“The only solution we see is the institutionalization of online learning through virtual classrooms but this will need support from the local government unit,” Cariño said during the presentation of the program to city officials on July 3.

Presently, more than 60 learners are packed in a classroom that is supposed to be for 35 individuals only as a standard learning environment according to DepEd.

In support of the program, the city council unanimously adopted a resolution penned by Councilor Vladimir Cayabas, chair of the committee on education, culture, creativity and historical research, endorsing the smart learning communities by DepEd Baguio to the office of Vice President and DepEd Secretary Sara Duterte. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan