July 19, 2024

In preparation for the planned school opening on Aug. 24, the Department of Education-Benguet started profiling students to determine the alternative learning modalities to be used for the learners. 

DepEd-Benguet Schools Division Superintendent Benilda Daytaca said they have tasked the teachers to profile students and their parents based on their capability to facilitate the students’ learning. 

She said profiling includes the availability of gadgets such as laptops or desktops, radio or TV set, the capability and availability of parents or guardian to facilitate homeschooling, and the location of learners to determine if they can be strategically gathered in their neighborhood, among other considerations.

“We will remind the parents that it will not be mandatory for them to buy the needed gadgets for their children but we will only profile them so we would know what are the interventions needed,” she said.

The DepEd’s learning continuity plan identified various learning deli-very modalities to be adopted by public schools such as face-to-face classes; distance learning through online, modular, and TV or radio-based instruction; blended learning which is a combination of those earlier mentioned; and homeschooling facilitated by qualified parents, guardians, or tutors.

Based on the survey conducted by the DepEd-Cordillera office, most learners in the region have access to TV and radio signals. Blended learning or the combination of face-to-face, online learning, modular and TV or radio-based instruction is also seen to be the modality to be adopted in the region.

Daytaca said they have also partnered with local service providers for the creation of video modules especially with the mother-tongue based instruction for kindergarten and grades one and two pupils. 

As for home study, she said they will evaluate the parents or guardians if they are capable and available to be a knowledge source for the child.  

“We are also looking at the issues and concerns of the parents so we could address them prior to the start of the school year,” she said.            

She urged the local government units to also assist the DepEd in implementing the alternative learning modalities.

For the enrollment, physical presence is not required.  

The enrollment may be processed through text messaging, accomplishment of Google sheet online, or messenger. Those that do not have Internet can accomplish the enrollment forms placed by DepEd personnel in strategic drop-off points.

Daytaca has also reminded LGUs that the school facilities used as isolation sites shall be until June 30 only.

The LGUs should write the DepEd regional office in case extension is needed on the use of the public schools. – Ofelia C. Empian