July 14, 2024

Even with the various challenges in distance learning, the Department of Education-Cordillera has asked parents to guide their children in answering modules but not to answer it for the learners.

DepEd-Cordillera Director May Eclar, during a presser on school opening, said the modules are created by the department for the self-learning of the learners, not the parents.

“The modules were created based on the competency of the learners depending on their grade levels,” Eclar said, adding the modules have answer keys through which the learners could  to check their own works.

“The self-learning modules will not be graded; it is aimed as a formative assessment for the learners to understand the lessons by themselves. But, of course, with the help of their parents or guardians,” Eclar said.

Curriculum and Learning Management Division Head Carmel Meris said a feedback mechanism was also established so the teachers could check on the learners’ progress. After the teachers collected the modules and evaluated them to make adjustments, the modules will be brought back to the learners.

She said the teachers will intervene once they notice a problem. But this would still depend on the situation of the community and the accessibility of communication tools between the teachers and the learners.

On the grading system, the DepEd central office has issued DepEd Order 31, which listed the new interim guidelines for student learning assessment, and for the grading scheme to be adopted for school year 2020-2021.

“The major difference is that there would be no quarterly exam. So the 20 percent that was used to be added to the quarterly exams is divided to the written works and performance tasks, which would be the basis of grading our learners this year,” Meris said.

Eclar, meanwhile, said enrollment is still ongoing for this school year as long as each learner completes the 205 school year calendar days.

The agency will conduct a remediation program after July 11 for learners who cannot cope up with the blended learning.

DepEd-Cordillera has listed 400,125 learners from kindergarten to grade 12 in public schools in the region for school year 2020-2021. – Ofelia C. Empian