September 23, 2023

The city council is urging the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) to embark on educational and developmental activities to keep children in the barangays busy and productive while on quarantine.

The resolution approved June 15 suggested certain activities that may be conducted amid the Covid-19 pandemic to foster healthy behavior and positive attitude towards learning.

These include reading to improve vocabulary and comprehension, storytelling, art activities like drawing or painting, singing, and playing musical instruments.

“It is likewise stimulating to encourage the children to plant especially vegetable seedlings to make them experience the excitement of harvesting their own produce,” the resolution stated.

The resolution proposed the use of the BCPC funds for the procurement of supplies and equipment.

Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda, main proponent of the resolution, said these activities will help raise children’s level of interest towards learning which will make them more prepared when schools reopen.

Tabanda also said worthwhile activities for children will revive their spirit and make them feel productive despite being under home confinement.

“The home confinement brings stressors from the environment such as boredom, frustration, anxiety, negative responses, and a feeling of inadequacy for being idle for a long period,” the resolution read.

“This may be manifested through a surge or sudden change in behavior.”

Chaired by the punong barangay, the BCPC is an organization responsible for the promotion of the welfare of children and adopting measures for children’s health. One percent of the barangay budget is allocated for programs of the BCPC. – Jordan G. Habbiling