June 2, 2023

There are only two sure things in life: Death and taxes.
Well, that’s what the famous adage claims. Allow me to add that in developing countries like our beloved Philippines, another sure thing seems to be road diggings. They’re everywhere. What’s curious is that these diggings seem to escalate whenever elections are just around the corner. Just an innocent observation.
What’s even more curious is that newly paved roads are dug up after a few weeks only to be paved again then dug up again, ad nauseum.
Surely, this near-sighted Ibaloy writer is not the only one who observed this hair-pulling, frustrating and infuriating phenomenon. And to think that there are still so many uncemented roads in the country especially in the provinces. Are these perennial diggings making good use of our hard-earned taxes? Is it more fun for diggings in the Philippines? Just asking.
Anyway, it’s titillating to know that proper coordination with concerned line agencies is a must when it comes to road construction activities in the Summer Capital according to City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña. He said the lack of coordination has resulted in newly-paved roads in the city done by one agency is dug up by another to give way for a different project causing more disruption to traffic flow in the area.
“That is why right now before any road concreting is done, we make sure that all concerned line agencies have signed the project so that if ever the road needs to be tampered with, it will only be once and not multiple times,” Dela Peñasaid.
He added that those doing isolated road projects have also been advised to conduct tests to make sure that parts of the road that they dug up are restored to their original quality or even better.

Reminder:Vaccination is one way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, but that doesn’t mean you can be confident if fully vaccinated.
In preparation for the Delta variant threat, Baguio City has been implementing steps to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Part of our preparation is our reminder to always follow the minimum public health standards, such as wearing a face mask. Wearing a mask isn’t enough if it’s not worn the right way.
Remember: We can only make sure other people are safe if we know how to take care of ourselves. During a pandemic, the welfare of our neighbor depends on us.

Here’s “Idle Dreams” by Diana Fuchs: “In idle dreams of long ago,/I imagined my true love;/ A perfect match,/ a soulmate,/An angel from above./ Now you’re here,/ and now I know/ Our love will stay and thrive and grow.”

Let’s end with a prayer: “May my life be filled with thanksgiving and praise for your countless blessings. Give me assurance that you supply my every need through your generosity. May grace, mercy, and peace be with me, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Son, in truth and love. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. (from the internet)
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.