December 5, 2022

As the country prepares for the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines from the World Health Organization Covax facility, the Department of the Interior and Local Government directed the Philippine National Police to be vigilant and arrest individuals selling or administering fake Covid-19 vaccines.
DILG Officer-in-Charge Bernardo C. Florece, Jr. said the agency has received reports that fake vaccines are being circulated in the market as demand for vaccination increases.
He said LGUs and the PNP must hunt and arrest peddlers of fake Covid-19 vaccines.
“Some people are taking advantage of the pandemic to make money by selling fake vaccines. I am directing the PNP to arrest these criminals and ensure that these bogus vaccines are taken off the market,” Florece said.
Florece said the PNP must work double time in making certain that no bogus vaccines are sold and all possible areas such as air and sea ports where fake vaccines may enter the country must be strictly monitored by the PNP Aviation Security Group and Maritime Group, among others.
He said as part of PNP’s task to secure Covid-19 vaccines, they must also ensure that no fake vaccines are sold.
He said the public must not buy these vaccines and immediately report to the PNP and their local government any suspected individuals selling them.
The National Task Force Covid-19 aims to inoculate first the healthcare sector’s 1.4 million individuals.
Florece also recently ordered the arrest and prosecution of individuals faking the result of RT-PCR tests. – Press release