July 13, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province –At least 40 local government officials were trained by the Department of the Interior and Local Government on the formulation of Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) to determine thrusts and priorities that will guide future development and boost LGU service delivery.

The participants are local government executives, legislative officials, department heads, and sectoral representatives from of Tadian and Sabangan.

“When you plan, you are trying to solve issues, concerns and problems of the communities,” said Cluster Head Samson Appoy during the training workshop.

He lauded the two municipalities for preparing their road map for the development of their respective municipalities. 

Sabangan Mayor Marcial Lawilao Jr. encouraged the planning team to participate in the training workshop so that they will be able to come up with a good CDP.

He said the CDP will be their legacy and will be the guide of the LGU in the realization of their vision of a “happy Sabangan.” 

Tadian Councilor Louie Buned said the concept of the CDP is also applicable in the municipal council as it is important to know the current level of services to constituents, the resources available, and the environmental factors that affect crafting of policies.

During the session, each group was divided into five sectors: economic, social, infrastructure, environment, and institutional. Each sector group planned programs, projects, activities, services, and legislative requirements for the identified issues and concerns. 

The resource speakers walked the participants through the CDP process from the organization of planning team, revisiting of their existing plans and review of their vision, preparation of ecological profile and structured list of programs, projects and activities, preparation of local development investment program, and preparation of needed implementation instruments such as capacity development agenda, monitoring, and evaluation strategy. – Gyda H. Namingit