July 16, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 35, s. 2024 for the grant of a 30 percent discount on the rental of the Baguio Convention and Cultural Center for the 2nd Asian Sport Jiu-Jitsu Federation, Baguio International Jiu-Jitsu Open 2024 by the Young Men’s Christian Association-Baguio on Oct. 5, with the city government as a co-sponsor but not be liable for any untoward incidents during the conduct of the activity.
In his letter-request, Leo Santeco of YMCA-Baguio stated the promotional event is in sync with the Philippine Sports Commission’s vision and mission of pursuing the grassroots level and developing world-class athletes.
The city council has approved Resolution 380, s. 2024 requesting the local Bids and Awards Committee to hold in abeyance the issuance of a notice of award for the widening project of the city along Carantes Street.
The request was based on the issues and concerns brought out during the city council meeting with building owners along Diego Silang and Carantes Streets on the impact of the project on their properties, the disruption of their lives, endangering the structural integrity of the buildings, the adverse effect to the occupants and the public, and diminishing the historical significance and heritage value of buildings constructed since the early 1950s.
In Resolution 381, s. 2024, the Department of Public Works and Highways-CAR and its city district office were requested to submit the plans and technical descriptions of the Claudio, Diego Silang, and Carantes Streets, within 15 days from receipt of the resolution, for information and appropriate legislative measure regarding the concerns on the proposed widening project in those streets as raised by the affected building owners.
Through Resolution 389, s. 2024, all barangays of the city were urged to enact their respective ordinances creating a trust fund for the filing fees and other fees collected for the lupong tagapamayapa with indicated uses of the fund.
In the resolution, some barangays are already complying with the Local Government Code of 1991 charging and collecting reasonable filing fees, which may be placed in a trust fund to be used for activities related to the functions of the lupon or for capacity-building and such other relevant purposes duly approved by the barangay council.
The city council approved Resolution 391, s. 2024 mandating all barangays in the city to adopt, implement, and strictly adhere to the barangay budgeting system in preparing their respective annual barangay budgets and other related purposes starting with the calendar year 2025.
The city-owned budgeting system, which was developed through the initiative of the City Budget Office and with its proper use already introduced in a series of orientation workshops to the barangay officials and their employees, is meant to empower barangays to effectively facilitate a seamless and uniform process and procedural framework in the preparation of barangay budgets.
The digital system will enhance accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in preparing barangay budgets. It also helps streamline data collection and analysis, facilitate real-time monitoring, and enable better collaboration and communication for more effective budget management and decision-making.
In separate resolutions, the city council authorized Mayor Benjamin Magalong on behalf of the city government to enter into a memorandum of agreement with certain entities for projects/endeavors beneficial to the city government and its constituents.
Under Resolution 384, s. 2024 is a MOA with the National Authority for Child Care for the City of Baguio’s adoption of the “Philippine Foster Care Program” and its sustained implementation to ensure the optimum growth, rehabilitation, and development of concerned children placed under foster care.
In Resolution 390, s. 2024 is an agreement of the city government with the Melco Resorts (Philippines) Foundation Corp. for the latter’s adoption of Sunshine Park at Upper Governor Pack Road under the city government’s “adopt-a-park program”.
The foundation will provide P20 million for the redevelopment and beautification of the park’s landscape and surroundings under the supervision of the City Environment and Parks Management Office and compliance with duly prepared project plans approved by Cepmo, the DPWH, and the city council.
Resolution 393, s. 2024 is with the National Water Resources Board and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Cordillera for cooperation on groundwater protection and conservation.
The MOA will allow the city government to complement and supplement the role of the NWRB together with the DENR-Cordillera personnel in enforcing national laws insofar as monitoring the appropriation, control, and conservation of groundwater sources within the territorial jurisdiction of the city government by protecting the underground aquifers to prevent water shortages.
Continuous regulation of groundwater extraction is to halt the alarming growth of clandestine deep and shallow well operations blamed for accelerating the decline of the city’s underground aquifers, frequent water shortages and contamination, and other water concerns especially during peak tourism season.
Copies of the MOA will be submitted for confirmation by the city council.
The city council through Resolution 394, s. 2024 reiterated its appeal to all pharmacies and groceries in the city to make it optional or forgo the use of purchase booklets by senior citizens when availing or purchasing their medicines and goods.
The resolution stated under the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010”, the booklets issued by the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs shall be presented by issued members in every purchase, however, due to their advanced age, or in times of emergencies, the booklets are sometimes forgotten causing delay and even deterring the concerned members from availing or purchasing their needed medicines and goods.