September 30, 2023

On its 14th regular session, the city council acted on 34 items in its agenda .
To give ample time for the resource persons to prepare on the topics they will discuss and because of the observance of Holy Week, the council agreed to have an executive-legislative meeting to be scheduled with the City Treasurer on the matter on the basis of increase in the night market fees, the Sunday Session Road market, and other special permit fees for purposes of clarification and in aid of legislation.
Likewise, discussions relative to the proposed acquisition or purchase by city government of a parcel of land called “the Baguio property” of the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation at Sanitary Camp was moved to its April 25 session with the representatives of the National Power Corporation, the President and Chief Executive Officer of PSALM, the Government Corporate Counsel, the City Legal Officer, and the City Budget Officer.
Similar matters were set for discussions with resource persons on April 25 which include the proposed inventory and/or identification of operating and non-operating tenants in all parks in the city such as Burnham Park, Wright Park, Botanical Garden and Diplomat Hotel; proposed conduct of livelihood fair by the North Sanitary Camp Barangay Saturday Market Livelihood and Farmers Association Fair at Parapad Bridge; and the issues and concerns in relation to the lot application of the National Telecommunications/Bureau of Telecommunications located at Res. Sec. “K”, Quezon Hill, whereby formal allocations were made to qualified and bona fide members of Upper Victoria Village Residents Association, Inc. which has not been acted upon.
To be taken up on its May 2 session are Resolution 43, s. 2021 of Lualhati barangay entitled “Identifying a portion of the lot declared under the name of Isabel B. Uyan located at Leonard Wood, Romulo Drive, Lualhati as barangay need for parking and other barangay project needs”; and the letter dated Jan. 6, 2022 of Ptr. Pablo Ocyo, president, Kias United Mountaineers Association Inc., requesting intercession of the city council for the subdivision of the mother title of the lot they bought from the Philippine Guarantee Corporation and the release of their individual titles.
The city council referred to committees proposed ordinances: including Lakandula Street, Lapu-Lapu, Rajah Soliman Street, Gov. Pack Road and Shanum Street for parking regulation under Ordinance 68, s. 2020, which regulates the use of certain roads/streets within the central business district in the City of Baguio; the marginal notation dated April 6 of Mayor Benjamin Magalong on the unsigned Resolution 144, s, 2022 entitled, “Earnestly requesting President Rodrigo R. Duterte to veto House Bill 8882/Senate Bill 2163 or the revised charter of Baguio to give ample time for consultation to address issues and concerns raised.
Acted on second reading is proposed ordinance “Extending the period of Ordinance 106, s. 2021, which grants amnesty or relief on penalties, fines, and charges of unpaid dues up to 2021 in Baguio for a period of 90 days.
The council, in Resolution 157, s. 2021 requested the Permits and Licensing Division to let the group of visually-impaired persons to conduct busking in front of Ap-o Mart at Session Road for six months for their livelihood.
Approved with favorable review are the 2022 budgets of barangays Cresencia Village – P3,991,579; Leonila Hill (West Bayan Park) – P3,947,157; Camp 7 – P18,158,170; and Andres Bonifacio – P3,855,704.
Through Resolution 156, s. 2022, the city council emended the provisions of the Public Animal Pound under Section 19 of “The Responsible Dog Ownership Ordinance of Baguio City”
The amendments or supplementary in Rule 19.2 provides that “Healthy dogs which are unclaimed within the reglementary period may be turned over to animal welfare groups for adoption or fostering, provided that they are duly accredited by the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office.
A memorandum of agreement shall be executed between the animal welfare group and the City of Baguio upon the recommendation of CVAO.