December 5, 2023

Dear Manang,
I am 30 and ready to get married. I have a best friend who I enjoy going out with and I think I want to marry her. But I have this feeling that she does not feel the same way and if I tell her, that might end the friendship. I don’t want to lose the special bond that we have. What do you think?
Chito of Maria Basa, Baguio City

Dear Chito,
I remember how I felt when my best friend told me he loved me. I was stunned and couldn’t talk to him for more than a month. Therefore, I do not recommend a confession. But, when that happened, I was able to match him with a friend who liked him. What if you get to see that someone else likes you too? But I wouldn’t know if she likes you too. Tell her but be prepared that she just might say she likes you too.
Be ready,

Dear Manang,
Am I being overly sensitive or must I feel hurt because someone left a group chat when I congratulated a member for a job well done? Although I am aware that there is animosity between the two of them, I did not think that we are supposed to take sides. Isn’t everyone supposed to be friends no matter what transpires between and among the others? Do we have to serve only one? Am I supposed to apologize to restore the good vibes?
Camara of Green Valley, Baguio City

Dear Camara,
Indeed, many people want loyalty and nothing less. Many think that anyone who is not for them is an enemy, so far, I believe that is a normal reaction. There is nothing that anyone can do about that feeling of betrayal. Unless you are the best friend, then there is not much you can do to heal it. Would you like to apologize? I find no reason to do this because I foresee rejection and hurt over hurt will be aggravated. Let it cool off and maybe people will be sensible.
Wait and pray it will be better,