July 18, 2024

Aside from the Vatican where divorce is outlawed, we, Catholic-influenced mortals, frown on its possibilities.
There is annulment as an alternative for marriages that are extremely difficult to escape, even in cases of spousal abuse or what my friend in Congress and Divorce Bill author Edcel Lagman, says “the imminent liberation for Filipino wives who are entombed in toxic, abusive, and long-dead marriages.
House Bill 9349 was passed by a slim vote of 126-109 – with 20 abstentions, the majority believing that while ladies dream of a perfect union, marrying a knight-in-shining-armor or prince charming, sometimes one or two are devils-in-disguise who do not give financial, emotional support, beat their wife, or are plain bad husbands.
The lawmakers say it is an option for people trapped in unhappy marriages.
HB 9349 provides the limited grounds and well-defined judicial procedures for divorce and aims to save children from the pain, stress, and agony brought about by their parents’ marital clashes or irreconcilable differences.
It also allows divorcees the right-to-marry-again for another chance at marital bliss. In the old times, it was bigamy and the real pe-nalty was having two-mothers-in-law.
In the bill, troubled couples may file for absolute divorce based on irreconcilable differences which is all and encompassing that if your husband snores in his sleep or the wife nags or drinks tequila or gambles – divorce can be had.
Of course, to “sweeten the pot” additional grounds were included: legal separation (Article 55, Family Code (FC); annulment of marriage (Article 45, FC); separation of the spouses in-fact for at least five years and reconciliation is highly improbable; psychological incapacity (Article 36, FC) and domestic or marital abuse to include acts under Republic Act 9262or the (Violence Against Women and Their Children Act).
All are grounds for annulment or nullity of marriage hence really no need for divorce.
The Senate majority led by Senate President Chiz Escudero feels the same way and I doubt if it would fly, much more pass.