June 3, 2023

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Department of Science and Technology-Cordillera and the Kalinga State University (KSU) further their collaboration to bolster the sericulture industry in the region, this time through research and development.

The DOST-Cordillera and KSU signed the agreement for the implementation of a research and development (R&D) project entitled “Strengthening the sericulture industry in the Cordillera: Determining the difference in the silk yarn and nutrient content of pupa from frozen and dried cocoons.”

The project aims to strengthen the R&D capacity of the DOST-KSU Silk Innovation Center to further explore initiatives on how to produce quality silk in a more cost-efficient way since this will focus on the determination of economic characteristics of raw silk from frozen and oven-dried cocoons.

Part of the project is the provision of equipment, trainings, and laboratory analyses  focused on the determination of nutritional content of the pupa from both the frozen and dried cocoons.

To ensure a sustainable supply of quality silk and promote sericulture and silk processing in the Cordillera, the DOST-Cordillera, KSU and DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute launched on April 29 the Silk Innovation Center at the KSU-Rizal Campus.

The DOST-Cordilera also provided a solar-powered water system through its Local Grants-in-Aid program to support the 10-hectare mulberry plantation of KSU for the rearing of the silkworms for cocoon production.

 Mulberry leaves are the primary food source of silkworms.

Since weaving is one of the major economic activities in Kalinga, interventions to strengthen the sericulture industry to ensure a sustainable supply of quality silk is seen to help local weavers who will have additional raw materials and will  no longer be importing silk from other countries.

In a related development, DOST-Cordillera through the Provincial Science and Technology Office-Kalinga conducted over the weekend a forum on R&D-related programs, projects, and activities at the Golden Berries Hotel this city.

Attended by Kalinga micro, small, and medium enterprises and associations, the activity aims to promote the DOST undertakings on R&D and to harness issues on the ground that they are facing relative to their operations which can be solved through research, in collaboration with  higher educational institutions in the province.

As S&T partners, representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry- Kalinga, and City Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office also attended the said event. – Peter Balocnit