June 14, 2024

The Department of Trade and Industry released the list of suggested retail prices (SRPs) of noche buena products for the information and guidance of the consumers as the holiday season approaches.  

The price guide includes products such as ham, keso de bola, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, pasta (spaghetti noodles, elbow and salad macaroni), spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and all-purpose cream.  

“The DTI thanks the manufacturers for heeding the call not to increase prices, demonstrating their sense of solidarity with our consumers this Christmas despite the Covid-19 pandemic.  In doing this, we give wider choices of affordable noche buena products for the Filipino consumers,” said Trade Sec. Ramon Lopez.  

“Our efforts to reopen safely the economy to bring back more jobs while keeping prices relatively stable will make the Christmas season merrier.”   

The DTI-Consumer Protection Group also assured the supply availability and price stability of these items for the public. 

“As Covid-19 cases continue to decline and vaccination efforts intensify, the spirit of the holiday season compels our consumers to purchase their favorite noche buena products for their families to serve at their dining tables,” Usec. Ruth Castelo said.  

For this year’s noche buena SRP list, 110 shelf-keeping units retained their previous year’s prices, while 20 saw price reductions.

For a 500-gram ham, the SRP ranges from P158 to P204 and P345 to P1,120 for one kilo while the SRP for a 165g cheese is P49.50 to P81.30. The SRP for a 500g keso de bola is P285 to P410.

The SRP for a 220-mL sandwich spread is P59.84 to P100.75 and for 470mL, P122.85 to P157.

For a 470 mL mayonnaise, the SRP is P96.50 to P169 while and 400g, P33.75 to P52.50.

The SRP for spaghetti pasta is P33.75 to P52.50 for 400g, P54.50 to P72 for 500g, and P59 to P80 for 900g while the SRP for macaroni pasta is P18.75 to P32.50 for 200g, P31 to P59 for 400g, and P71.50 to P89.25 for one kilo.

The SRP for a 900g spaghetti sauce is P59.85 to P74 and P68.25 to P76.25 for one kilo while the SRP for a kilo of tomato sauce is P62 to P63.50. 

To avoid panic buying and ensure value for money, the public is advised to create a shopping list and refer to the noche buena SRP bulletin before visiting their preferred supermarket.  

The DTI reminded consumers to follow health protocols such as wearing of face masks and observing physical distancing and reiterated that violations of minimum health protocols can be reported to DTI and local government units and can be a ground for the temporary closure of establishments.   

The DTI also reminded consumers to exercise their right to choose and to keep an eye for promotional items or bundles sold in supermarkets and grocery stores.  

Follow the DTI’s Consumer Care official social media accounts for more information.

For consumer-related concerns and queries, send an email to [email protected] or call the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline. – Press release