December 2, 2023

Dear Manang,
My mother has been mean and cranky and I have so far been so patient. How do I stretch it a little more? I have tried to look at my future as such and I guess, there’s much more to learn about aging. But maybe you have secret patience potions?
Aramina, Yandoc St.

Dear Aramina,
You get three stars from me because I heard you complain without a curse, instead you ask for patience potions. I wish I could tell you the best pill is a pat on the back for holding your tongue and giving in. Another potion is ice cream. Eat it slowly and savor the sweetness. The sugar should kill the monster in you.
God bless you dear,

Dear Manang,
There is something about being early that one wants to accomplish. One is to respect other’s time and to finish business early. I wonder why people seem to have the same inkling that everybody else will be late anyway. I feel that it is such a bad attitude to have and think that everyone else will be late. Is there any way that we can change this?
Lin, New Lucban

Dear Lin,
You are as disappointed as me when I wait. It is an attitude that we hold about not being on time. I too wish that we learn 10 minutes before more than 30 minutes after with alibis. This is when I can say that former Mayor Domogan arrived five minutes before the appointed time of an event and had the right to remind everyone that it was time and to start. Thereafter, all events that he graced started on time. It could take a leader like that to teach discipline on this account. Well, integrity as they say is doing the right thing when no else is looking.
Just be,