October 2, 2023

Both houses of congress and the Office of the President should review the laws mandating an increase in pension and benefits of GSIS pensioners.
Section 14 of Republic Act 8291, or the Government Service Insurance System Act of 1997 states that the pension of retired state workers, be periodically adjusted.
Section 4 of RA 9994 also states that the additional benefits to elderly citizens should be the same with the current salary of those who are still in active service.
Congress and the Office of the President should consider that majority of state pensioners were former teachers who, during active service, have extended their untiring efforts and have sacrificed precious times with their own families just to mold young minds.
At present, retirees still struggle to provide for their daily needs with the meager pension they receive compounded by the rising cost of living.
House Bill 8759 states among others, the need for the government to look after the welfare of retirees in the government and the private sectors.
Paging now our lawmakers.
Section 6 of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 states that retirement benefits of he government and private sectors shall be reviewed every year to ensure continuing responsiveness, sustainability and to an extent practicable and be feasible for upgrade to be at par with the current salary scale as enjoyed by those in the actual service.
I join the appeal of other government pensioners like me for the GSIS to our monthly pension to 10 percent gradual increment every year, preferably added within our birth month.
Remember, government retirees have made sufficient contributions through taxes during their productive years.
Elderly people, despite being past their prime years, can still be productive in their own way.
May we, elderly citizens and retirees be granted continuous benefits from the GSIS so we can enjoy the best in our twilight years and before our final curtain takes its fold. — RECOLECTICA S. AGAMATA, Baguio City.