July 23, 2024

The people have spoken and we are all hoping for a better tomorrow. The stage of healing and reconciliation is always open for those who have parted ways. To our new found friends, it was great meeting you. For the old ones, let’s continue keeping it that way. Longing for unity and love is for the progress of our dearest nation.
Until now, some are still processing the election results, especially since at the time, some went all the way in showing support to their candidates. Resources had been poured in to strategically mobilize their support group. Their time and effort have been used to effectively deliver and share their outstanding advocacies. All along, it was not enough to work it out. On this matter, the only good thing is you got new ideas how to do it better the next time around.
Some are still bothered by the question: What went wrong? How did the winners get the numbers? The answer is just around for us to ponder and assess how the journey has been.
The lack of resources whether in-kind or cash might validate our excuse on the outcome. Still, it is on us on how to lead our people on managing our resources.
Along the way, the lack of face-to-face meetings adds to the bulk of reasons that we can think of. Personal engagements are all about showing your beautiful heart to serve the people. This are not just add ons to your list of loyalists, instead they can be your strong foundations.
Also, social media presence is vital. This platform is a great avenue to showcase your existence, views on current issues and social or community activities for everyone’s appreciation. This will help boost the people’s awareness about you. Being active on social media, is not all about competition, it’s all about presentation.
Furthermore, monitoring the campaign progress is what matters most. Knowing and experiencing the activities on the communities is a big advantage and a strength. Many of our great leaders were elected because of the strong support from the people on the ground. If we feel we are winning, let’s stay humble and not be complacent. At the end of the journey, whatever happens, let’s keep going.
These are just few reflections from the past, which may help us move on to the next chapter of our story. I trust some of us are still coping on this post-election. I’m hoping, we’ll not stress ourselves too much. Let’s observe healthy living to provide us more energy. Also, avoid dwelling on things that we can’t control yet, just let it go first. Life is so beautiful, and it must go on. (MOSHE P. DACMEG)