July 19, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am glad that elections is over and done with because the war on the best candidate is over too. My mom insisted that we vote for her candidates and she got to the point where she didn’t cook dinner for us when we said we should respect each other’s choices. We are seven in the family and each one believes in one and personally has direct contact with the candidate. Now that her candidate lost, she still feels like there was cheating during the elections. She has not spoken to us since Monday. What do we do to help her?
Gary of NPC Village, Baguio City

Dear Gary,
Your mother is typically a Pinoy. Sorry to say that we are sore losers, we got cheated and say anomalies happened. Well, she will come around in time but of course we still want it soon. Buy her something sweet or eat out. I am sure that a family gathering is good to heal wounds and make sure that there is no mention of elections. We need to heal wounds. My take is that we all know that politics, religion, and money divide a family.
Get a cake,

Dear Manang,
I am still in denial that I have a son who is autistic. I am ashamed that my only son will be unable to socialize and make friends and unable to communicate. I know that it is my fault to be this way. How do I deal with myself? My wife is also losing patience and I feel that I am about to drive her away. What is the cure for this?
Sam of Betag, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Sam,
No one but God knows what it is that makes children become autistic. My dear son, the sooner you realize that you will need to give him extra care and love, the better it will be for all of you in the household to guide him throughout his life. He needs a special teacher to show him how to tell you what he feels, and likewise, the family members must learn how to love him. It is easy but you must learn how to do it and most of all accept that you have a child forever.
Find out what makes your child so special,