July 14, 2024

Elders say the teenage years are the happiest and most memorable moments in a person’s life. These are the years where all your worries just revolve around school work, choosing what to wear, thinking about places to go with your friends, or dealing with a low grade in mathematics. It was indeed a time to just go with the flow of life. Some would say, “Enjoy life while you are still young because when you grow old, you won’t be able to do so.” It is a reminder that somehow feels like a threat.
For some, turning 18 is one of their most awaited moments. They are thrilled and excited every time this topic is discussed. Ideas and plans for a debut party would suddenly fill the air. Some would suddenly shriek in joy, imagining themselves finally coming into legal age and feeling the tip of freedom teasing. It was like jumping into the prologue of adulthood.
But it’s different for others. Some consider it the scariest moment in their life. Maturity comes with great responsibility that some people couldn’t courageously handle. We know that during adulthood, we would encounter problems that are really beyond our capacity to solve. It is like a door that leads to the real world wherein seriousness is mandatory and childish acts aren’t necessary.
We usually become attached to our comfort zone, blinding us from what could be ahead. We let fear and overthinking overcome us to the point we tend to get used to what we can or where we are. But time cannot be stopped, and we don’t have a choice but to continue moving forward. As we enter the times in our lives which we fear the most, we are often driven into lots of realizations.
Sometimes all we need to do in order to see the entire picture of life is to explore further. We must learn to take off the fabric of fear and overthinking that covers us because it would hinder us from becoming better versions of ourselves. We live in this world to find and fulfill our purpose. As our story flips its pages to a different chapter, an introduction to further development of our capabilities and finding our other potentials comes with it. We must not be afraid of the problems that we could encounter because they are part of life, which naturally gets difficult throughout our journey. As what Tony Robbins said, “There is no breakthrough without a breakdown.” We are the one who decides the flow of our own story; it is up to us if we make the most out of it or get stuck on a page of temporary contentment. Being engaged in the process results in remarkable progress, so do not just sit back and watch every moment swiftly pass by.
Let’s welcome every chapter of our lives with open arms, consider challenges as an opportunity to become better, and let our mistakes and failures motivate us to strive for success. (HAZEL ROSE INFANTE)