March 24, 2023

“There’s no forever.”
A school head comes and goes. She does not stay long in a school. She is always ready to receive pieces of candy stuffed in one sealed packet. As she opens each piece, she uncovers its nature. Every piece of candy has its kind. It is like every teacher and staff in the school who is phenomenal. She therefore determines how to deal with each peculiarity with a firm heart.
A school leader is bound to single out the changes to be implemented for the reformation and transformation in all aspects of the organization. She does not hesitate to implement changes that will benefit the learners.
An institutional leader may face one or two radical stakeholders who do not see something good from the changes, always see the negative side, and reject something they do not know.
The school head is subject to issues brought over broadcast, print, and social media. She is the best when it suits critics, and she is the worst when one thing is not to their liking. She is often personally attacked if she makes an unpopular decision. She may not be liked by all.
Nevertheless, a school leader chooses to be unmovable and is ready to make enemies in being an educational leader. She is determined but resilient. She instills a culture of teamwork and support. She decodes her vision and presents it to all the stakeholders of the organization for them to work as one to achieve the expected sequel.
A leader helps bring out the best from everyone in the organization. She discovers the potentials of every member and nurtures each of them regardless of status and position. She uncovers their hidden talents and encourages each one to be creative. She helps shape the mindset of accepting change as she lifts or pulls them up to excel in their specialization. She likewise hones them to learn other skills apart from their expertise for holistic growth. She makes them believe that each of them is exceptional. She helps build their confidence on their abilities and capacities to do what they have not done.
A leader does not only command. She specifies the goal; tells what to be done and how things are to be done; and they all roll up sleeves to do them together. This makes everyone feel belongingness and value in the group. Each acknowledges self-worth and makes each one accountable and responsible for their respective duties. Everybody feels connected and engaged, thus contributing to the success of the organization.
Although each has different colors, sizes, and tastes, the school head repacks the pieces of candies in her best way and stuff them in a new packaging and attractive label where everyone feels comfortable, cared, and valued.
While everybody is professionally engaging with each other in the pursuit of greater heights, it is the best time for the school head to be moved again to another school for a new mission. She exits gracefully, leaving beautiful footprints to where the best waits outside the comfort zone. — Rosalia A. Ocyaden